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Level 2 First Aid

Do you know how to help an injured mate? The Victorian Tasmanian Parachute Council, with funding support from the APF, is providing rebates of $50 - $90* to encourage APF Instructors and essential DZ staff to get first aid qualifications.

Complete your Level 2 First Aid qualification by November 30 and receive some money back!!!! Whether you’re starting from scratch, or refreshing existing qualifications, we’re aiming for maximum flexibility to help you get that certificate.

Complete ANY accredited Level 2 Course through a Registered Training Organisation before November 30 2010.

Supply your receipts and certificate to claim the rebate.

Several skydivers have already done a Level 2 in a Day course through www.emergency.com.au

It involves study and an online quiz before the one day practical session. This company has many dates available across all suburbs and some country areas. Call: 1300 301 193, or info@emergency.com.au

Please note: There are conditions for these rebates.

  • Participants must be APF members, living and jumping in the Vic-Tas region.
  • You’ll need written support from your CI. (See the rebate application form.)
  • If there is a flood of interest, preference for the rebates will be given to instructors and essential DZ personnel, such as target assistants and manifesters who are often present.
*The VTPC program offers $50 at any time, subject to the conditions listed above. Extra APF funding has been provided as part of a short-term financial boost, through the Sport Development Fund. The amount of extra rebate will depend on the number of participants.

For more details, email Kelly Brennan: kerplunk1967@hotmail.com.au